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Dr Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett

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Online courses for professionals, parents and those on the spectrum

The Autism Parenting Summit is a virtual event hosted by Autism Parenting Magazine.

This Summit aims to help parents of children on the autism spectrum and is packed full of expert speaker sessions helping attendees in the areas that matter most.

Parenting a child with autism can be challenging. Autism parents aren’t just mom or dad, they’re teachers, advocates, therapists…and so much more! All parents worry about their children, but autism parents face increased challenges with communication, social skills, behavior, daily activities, and much more. The Autism Parenting Summit features expert speaker sessions offering attendees advice and support in their parenting journeys.

Our aim is to help autism caregivers develop their parenting skills, learn from experts, and discover new techniques and approaches that could benefit their children. Our speaker line-up includes doctors and experts, as well as people on the spectrum and fellow autism parents: to help attendees know they’re not alone in their parenting journeys.

The Autism Parenting Summit seeks to raise awareness of children on the autism spectrum, their unique needs, as well as other support for their parents.

A number of doctors, therapists, and autism experts will present at the Autism Parenting Summit.

Some of the confirmed sessions include:

  • Occupational Therapy: A FUNctional Approach to Autism
  • Building Confidence for Autism Parents 
  • Educational Options For Your Child With Autism
  • The ‘ESSENCE’ in the Autism(s): Towards Understanding and Effective Intervention
  • Q&A: Empowering Young People on the Autism Spectrum for the Job Search – Tips for Family Members
  • Bullying Prevention: Information, Helpful Tools, and Intervention Strategies
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviors
  • Autism Fitness: Understanding the Three Keys to a Successful Program
  • Nutrition Intervention for Autism and ADHD: How Food and Nutrients Affect Your Child’s Health & Behaviors
  • Five Secrets About Your SLP: Real Life Strategies for Communication Success
  • Supporting Nervous System Function Through Sensory Intervention & Adaptation
  • Financial Planning for Your Autism Family 
  • Transitioning into Adulthood: Five Social Competencies to Foster
  • Q&A: Preparing Kids for the “Real World” 
  • Q&A: Supporting Girls on the Spectrum

Click here to attend and register! We cannot wait to see you on the summit!


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Dr Michelle Garnett founded Minds & Hearts in 2005 to meet the enormous need for Allied Health Services specifically tailored for people on the Autism Spectrum, and to increase knowledge and awareness of Autism. Minds & Hearts is a now led by Dr David Zimmerman and Dr Wesley Turner, Clinical Psychologists. Michelle & Tony offer diagnostic assessments there on Wednesdays.