LIVE WEBCAST: Fun with Feelings Training in a CBT Programme for Young Children with Anxiety and Autism 7 May 2021

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Earlybird price til Friday 23rd April, 2021

Friday 7th May, 2021 – 9.30am – 4.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST – Brisbane)

What is Included in the Price of the Training:

Access to attend the live presentation (6 hours of training)

Access to view the recording of the presentation again for 60 days following the date of the live presentation

Handouts for the Powerpoint slides used on the day, and several useful Handouts to supplement learning (provided prior to the event)

A 15% discount code if you would like to purchase a copy of 10 Steps to Reducing Your Child’s Anxiety on the Autism Spectrum: The CBT-Based ‘Fun with Feelings’ Parent Manual or Having Fun with Feelings on the Autism Spectrum: A CBT Activity Book for Kids Age 4-8 (both published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers) or the two-book set of both titles.

The code is valid on the Woodslane website ( if you are in Australia & New Zealand, or Jessica Kingsley Publishers ( if you are in the UK).

The purpose:

The purpose of the training is to equip parents, teachers and mental health professionals to utilize the strategies described in our Fun with Feelings programme to decrease anxiety in young children with both anxiety and autism.

The Workshop is for:

Family members and carers of young children who have anxiety and autism; professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors, therapists and educators

You will also receive:

  • Access to the presentation for 60 days following the live event
  • A Live Chat Room for Q&A with Tony & Michelle throughout the day
  • Downloadable Handouts to complement the course
  • Certificate of Attendance

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Participants will be trained in how to use the Fun with Feelings programme, which is a ten-stage programme to assist autistic children aged 4-8 years old to understand and manage anxiety.  Fun with Feelings is based on a deep understanding of autistic individuals, successful clinical research trials of the programme, and cognitive and behavioural principles.

Fun with Feelings was designed to be utilized by parents and carers with their child, in a home setting, but can also be delivered directly to the parent and child within a school or clinic setting.  Participants are trained in each of the therapeutic activities that comprise the ten stage programme.  The first five stages prepare parents to implement the Fun with Feelings programme with their child, helping them to understand the causes of their child’s anxiety and how to reduce it. The last five stages of the programme are used with the child using the Having Fun with Feelings workbook to help the child to better recognize and process their own emotions.

Teaching Process:

The workshop includes a combination of didactic teaching, case studies and Q&A.  Participants attend via link to a live presentation.  They have access to a chat room where they can ask questions at any time. There is opportunity to learn from workshop participants, as well as the trainers.

The ticket price has been reduced to allow the participant to purchase the programme in two books, as listed below, at a 15% discount if they do not already have them.  On purchase of a ticket to this event, the participant will receive a link to a private website page of Woodslane Distributors to purchase the books.

Participants may purchase the Fun with Feelings Parent Manual and the Fun with Feelings Kids Activity book, if they do not already have them.  On purchase of a ticket to this event, the participant will receive a 15% discount code and link to purchase these titles from Woodslane (if you are living in Australia or NZ) or the Jessica Kingsley Publisher website if you are in the UK:

10 Steps to Reducing Your Child’s Anxiety on the Autism Spectrum: The CBT-Based ‘Fun with Feelings’ Parent Manual by Michelle Garnett, Tony Attwood, Julia Cook, Louise Ford and Stefanie Runham, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Web:

Having Fun with Feelings on the Autism Spectrum: A CBT Activity Book for Kids Age 4-8 by Michelle Garnett, Tony Attwood, Julia Cook, Louise Ford and Stefanie Runham, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Web:


Fun with Feelings on the Autism Spectrum (Parent Manual and Child CBT Activity Book Two Book set), Web:

Description of the Ten Stage Fun with Feelings Programme

Stage 1: Understanding anxiety in young children with autism, the difference between meltdowns and tantrums and how to manage each. Setting realistic goals for your child.

Stage 2: Understanding why children with autism experience anxiety, including common triggers.  Strategies for making environmental accommodations at home, day care and school, to reduce anxiety.

Stage 3: More reasons children with ASD are anxious. Developing tools that parents can use with their child to help reduce their anxiety, drawing on cognitive behaviour therapy adapted for autism.

Stage 4: Developing and implementing an Exposure Ladder with a child with autism, to assist the child to begin to face any unrealistic fears in a way that is supported and safe.

Stage 5: Introduction of the Emotional Toolbox, a set of strategies to teach a child with autism how to recognize and manage their difficult feelings, including anxiety.  Strategies for teaching the child about Happiness and mindfulness are taught.

Stage 6: Strategies for teaching a child how to recognize and manage sadness in themselves and others.

Stage 7: Strategies for teaching a child to understand their own anxiety, how to recognize it, and what to do to calm down.

Stage 8: How to teach an autistic child about the feeling of relaxation, and different methods of inducing and expanding feelings of relaxation in the body.

Stage 9: Teaching an autistic child about the emotion of anger, how to recognize it at the early stages, and what to do to calm down.

Stage 10: Learning strategies and tolls to teach a child about love and affection, the purpose of affection, how it feels in the body, and how to express and receive affection.


See trailer below for more information on content for the day.

About the speakers

Prof. Tony Attwood PhD is an internationally recognised clinical psychologist, educator, and author. Recently featured on ABC’s Australian Story, Tony is one of the world’s foremost authorities on autism. His book Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals is an international best seller and seminal in the field.


Dr Michelle Garnett PhD is a clinical psychologist who has specialised in autism for 27 years. In 2005 she founded Minds & Hearts, a now internationally recognised Clinic. Her research has informed understanding of early detection, the female profile and the importance of good mental health. She has co-authored six highly regarded books on autism, including a seminal work with Barb Cook on the female presentation, Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism.

Learning Objectives

Knowledge of the latest research and best clinical practice for autism and anxiety in young children.

How to recognize and assess both the conventional signs of anxiety in young children and the signs of anxiety specific to autistic children.

To understand the reasons an autistic child often experiences high levels of anxiety.

To be able to utilize environmental accommodations, and strategies for both the parents and child to reduce anxiety for the child across home and other settings.

For parents and carers: To deepen understanding of their child and to equip them with a successful approach and specific strategies at home to reduce their child’s anxiety and to empower their child to understand and articulate their feelings.

For clinicians: To be able to successfully deliver the Fun with Feelings programme with an autistic child, in a clinic or school setting, and to teach and support parents to utilize the programme with their autistic child at home.

Discounts/Cancellation/Refund Policy Australia

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