ONLINE COURSE: Autism for Parents and Carers


Course Details

  • 5 hours and 32 mins
  • 60 days to complete course (from date of purchase). A once-off 30-day extension is available. See our FAQs for further information.
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Certificate of completion


Having an autistic child can be one of the most joyful, enlightening, puzzling, stressful, and worrying experiences life has to offer. For example, research shows that there are many positive experiences associated with parenting an autistic child, and that parenting an autistic child is the most stressful of all parenting experiences. Many typical parenting strategies do not seem to work, and parents can become frustrated, exhausted and begin to feel helpless. In this workshop, our aim is to increase your understanding of autism and common family dynamics that occur when one or more family members are autistic, including autistic parents.  We share ideas and strategies from research and our combined clinical wisdom, based on over 80 years of experience.

Who Will Benefit

  • Parents and carers who have autistic children and/or teenagers 
  • Health and educational professionals supporting parents of autistic children and adolescents, for e.g., psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, dietitians, counsellors, mental health nurses, teachers, teacher’s aides, HOSES, psychiatrists, GPS, pediatricians.


The course was designed to assist participants to:

  1. Increase their understanding of their autistic child or teenager, whether their child has just been newly diagnosed, or the diagnosis has been known for some time. 
  2. Equip parents and caregivers with an understanding of their child’s neurology and learning profile, 
  3. Ideas and strategies are presented to support positive family relationships 
  4. Suggestions to help navigate school and transitions, 
  5. Ways to help prepare your child for independence, and 
  6. Strategies to help prevent parent/carer burnout.

Learning Process: The workshop includes a combination of talking, participant activities and Q&A.  Participants attend via link to a live presentation.  They have access to a chat room where they can ask questions at any time. There is opportunity to learn from workshop participants, as well as the trainers.

Event Trailer

About the speakers

Prof Tony Attwood PhD With a career spanning five decades, Professor Tony Attwood is considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts on Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has an Honour’s degree in Psychology from the University of Hull, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Surrey and a PhD from the University of London. He is currently adjunct Professor at Griffith University in Queensland. Tony has written many publications on Asperger’s Syndrome. His original book, titled Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals was published in 1998 and has been translated into over 25 languages.

Tony operates a diagnostic and psychological support clinic two days a week for children and adults. He also spends considerable time travelling nationally and internationally to present workshops and seminars.


Dr Michelle Garnett PhD is a clinical psychologist who has specialised in autism for nearly three decades. Her peer reviewed research has informed understanding of early detection, the female profile and the importance of good mental health for autistic individuals. She has co-authored six highly regarded books on autism, five with Prof Tony Attwood. Her 2018 book with Barb Cook is a seminal work on the female presentation, Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism. Her most recent books Having Fun with Feelings on the Autism Spectrum and Ten Steps to Reducing Your Child Anxiety on the Autism Spectrum provide guidance to parent of young children on the autism spectrum.  She regularly provides training to four Australian Universities.


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the different neurology of autism and how differences in thinking, learning, relating, sensing, and perceiving explain your child’s choices and behaviour.
  • Common family dynamics in families where one of more members are autistic, including autistic parents, and strategies to improve family relationships.
  • What is parent/carer burnout and the Parent Tools you need to avoid/manage it.
  • Understanding and managing meltdowns and shutdowns.
  • Does my child have Pathological Demand Syndrome (PDA), what to do if this is the case and support options.
  • Learn how to include emotion education as part of parenting and why this is important.
  • Learn how to support your autistic child or children to develop social skills and friendships.
  • Why learning independent living skills is difficult for your autistic child/teen and strategies to maximise the chances of success.

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For Cancellations: Up to 7 days notice payment will be refunded, minus a $50 administrative fee. At less than 7 days notice there will be no refund, but a credit note with Attwood and Garnett Events for future events, minus $50, will be issued. Attendance is fully transferable.