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Professor Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett

Our commitment is born of a passion to understand, enhance and assist...

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Asperger's Syndrome and the Autism Spectrum

“I think everyone should experience the positivity these two exude while speaking so passionately about autism.” Attendee, Emotion Management Workshop Perth 2018


Research Article Review by Dr Michelle Garnett, Clinical Psychologist. Prevalence of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders in Average-IQ Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Meta-analysis

Lugo Marin, J et al. (2018). Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders (2018), Vol. 48, pp 239-250 Since their separation as independent conditions, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders (SSD) can be misconceptualised as mutually exclusive disorders. Similarities...

Coping with ‘Meltdowns’ By Professor Tony Attwood, Clinical Psychologist

Those who have an ASD are prone to have a catastrophic reaction or meltdown when overly stressed, anxious or frustrated. The meltdown may be externalised, with an intense despair that manifests as an expression of anger, perhaps with destruction of property or aggression towards a person. The meltdown can also be internalised, with intense self-blame and hatred and even suicidal thoughts and actions or ‘depression attack’...

Parent and Teacher Agreement of Behaviour Problems in Children on the Autism Spectrum: A summary of a research article By Ms Lizaan Schwartz, Provisional Psychologist

Behavioural and emotional difficulties, including anxiety, depression, aggression, oppositional, and attention difficulties are highly prevalent in children on the autism spectrum (Kanne et al., 2009; Ung et al., 2013). These difficulties affect children’s quality of life and daily functioning, and vary across home and school settings...

"I see people with Asperger's syndrome as a bright thread in the rich tapestry of life"
Prof. Tony Attwood
Clinical Psychologist


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Attwood, Zimmerman and Turner: Addictive Behaviours in Adolescents and Adults with ASD – Brisbane QLD 26 July 2019

9.30am – 4.00pm Friday 26th July, 2019 Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, 578 Royal Esplanade, Manly QLD 4179 This presentation will explore how those with ASD are vulnerable to the development of addictive and unhealthy behaviours and understanding biological, psychological and environmental risk factors. The presentation will have an emphasis on addictive and unhealthy behaviours affecting young adolescent individuals, such as gaming, pornography and substances, and will provide strategies to parents/carers and professionals working with this population.

Attwood and Garnett: Challenging Behaviour in Classic Autism – Nerang QLD 23 August 2019

Friday 23rd August, 2019 – 9.30am – 4.00pm Nerang RSL, 69 Nerang Street, Nerang QLD 4211 Strategies to develop communication skills for those who have limited speech The learning profile associated with classic autism and strategies to encourage the acquisition of academic and daily living skills The effects of social experiences and facilitating social engagement The sensory profile of autism and how to accommodate sensory sensitivity The signs of increasing anxiety, anger or despair and how to manage and moderate emotional reactions

“A wonderful workshop given by Tony and Michelle. It was amazing how much they covered in 2 days. The level of detail was perfect; including research details, applied approaches and then personal stories so that we could all identify with the case study. They both have such a wonderful open and kind approach that it is hard not to come away inspired and invigorated with ideas of how to help our wonderful ASD people.” Attendee, Master Class 2018

Minds & Hearts provides psychology services and training specifically for Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

Minds & Hearts was conceived to meet the enormous need for services specifically tailored for people with autism spectrum conditions (ASC), and to increase knowledge and awareness about these conditions.

"For a few decades now, we've believed that for every girl on the autism spectrum, there are four boys," said Dr Michelle Garnett, a Brisbane clinical psychologist who specialises in autism diagnoses. "We now think the ratio is one girl to every two boys. That's many more girls than first thought."
Dr Michelle Garnett
Clinical Psychologist
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