Dr Michelle Garnett ran Minds & Hearts: A Clinic Specialising in Autism for 14 years, leaving Minds & Hearts in 2019. She is proud to have founded and run such an excellent service for autistic individuals and their families, the first such clinic in Australia. She and Prof Tony Attwood were the Principal Trainers and Supervisors to all clinical staff. Together they trained many psychologists who now run their own clinics (for a list, see below).

Two outstanding clinical psychologists were chosen by Michelle to run Minds & Hearts, Dr David Zimmerman and Dr Wesley Turner. David and Wes became the new owners of Minds & Hearts on 20th October 2019. We wish them all the best with the clinic.

Tony and Michelle now run their own private practice in West End, Brisbane under Attwood & Garnett Events, but unfortunately in October 2021, they had to close their books indefinitely due to an extensive waitlist. They will advise when they can re-open their books.

Tony and/or Michelle have also been involved in the training and/or supervision of the owner/director of the following clinics and refer you to their services. Most are based in Australia, some in Europe and many offer Telehealth.



Dr David Zimmerman and Dr Wesley Turner
Minds & Hearts, Brisbane

Dr Louise Ford
Brighter Futures Psychology, Brisbane

Steve Den Kaat
Diverse Minds, Sydney

Danuta Bulhak-Paterson
Unique U, Melbourne

Dr Jenni Silva
Brilliant Minds, Brisbane

Dr Johann Eloff
Eloff & Associates, Sunshine Coast

Dr Theresa Kidd
The Kidd Clinic, Fremantle and Perth

Rebecca Kuhn

Jasmine Koretz
The Psychology Hub, Brisbane

Dr India Whitehouse
Gold Coast

Dr Hannah Korrel & Team
Sydney Neuropsych


Dr Cora MacHatch
Telehealth (Europe)

Sophie Giraud
Telehealth (France)

Dr Isabelle Henault
Telehealth (Canada)