Episode 9: The School Bell

In Episode 9, the issue of the school bell - and how it affects those with sensory issues - is discussed in great detail.Don't forget to submit your questions to…

Episode 8: ADHD and Autism

https://vimeo.com/446631473 In Episode 8, Tony and Michelle explore the link between autism and ADHD and what strategies exist to help tackle the condition.

Episode 7: Aggressive Affection

What do you do when your child displays affection through aggressive behaviour? Tony and Michelle explore some techniques.https://vimeo.com/427947347

Episode 4: Unusual Habits

In this episode, Tony and Michelle answer two questions about very unusual - and destructive - habits.Please send in your questions to events@attwoodandgarnettevents.com and Michelle and Tony will address them…

Episode 6: How to Handle Fussy Eaters

In this episode, Tony and Michelle tackle the problem of fussy eating, and why it's a common trait for those on the spectrum.https://vimeo.com/425393039

Episode 5: Frameworks and Communication

In this episode, Tony and Michelle cover two questions: how to create an individual framework, and what to do when your child is no longer listening to you.Don't forget to…

The Latest Research on Camouflaging

By Professor Tony Attwood Autistic children will know at quite a young age that they are different to their peers with regard to the ability to read facial expressions, body…